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Paul Sabu's latest release of BANGKOK RULES is now available online! Download it through iTunes or Buy it through CD Baby.

This is what people are saying about it:

"Paul Sabu is rocked and loaded on his explosive new release "Bangkok Rules". It's like he's never been away." - Rob Evans, Classic Rock AOR

"The master of AOR returns with a masterpiece." - Chris Nelson, Phoenix Radio

"Paul Sabu's new release Bangkok Rules is a masterpiece of pure delight. I'm sure many will add this gem to their collection!" - Brian Rademacher, CEO of RockEyez

"Melodic Hard Rock at its best...Paul Sabu has revived all the reasons why he was so pleasurable to listen to in the first place. Strong Melodies, Burning guitars and foot stomping stadium rockers...a welcome return!" - Paul Nicholls, ARFM

"Sabu is back and he's breaking all the rules...the Bangkok Rules!" - The Mayfair Mall Zine

"Full of strong choruses and splattered with searing guitar runs and a stadium full of Sunset Strip... A hugely enjoyable album with powerful, emphatic flourish." - Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine